Coles is an iconic Australian retailer with a history that dates back to 1914 when GJ Coles opened his first store in Collingwood, Victoria. We are delighted to partner with Sally Pearson to promote Little Athletics, sport, health and wellbeing among young Australians. Sally is a true champion and fantastic role model who inspires so many Australians – both young and old – to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Sally is an ambassador of Coles’ three year partnership with Little Athletics and Athletics Australia as well as Coles’ Sports for Schools program whereby we provide free sports equipment to primary and secondary schools across Australia.

Nature’s Own

Sally Pearson is one of Nature’s Own BodySmart experts – a brand platform that helps Australians unlock their body’s natural potential and perform at their best every day. As one of Australia’s leading vitamin and supplement brands, Nature’s Own engaged Sally for her expertise and resonance amongst audiences, and she continually exceeds expectations, producing high quality and relatable content that meets the objective. She is an asset to the Body Smart team, taking every opportunity to collaborate with other experts for the brand to strengthen overall impact. Sally has spent a career pushing her body to its limits, and we’re thrilled to have her wealth of knowledge on hand to help Australians become smarter about their bodies.