Wednesday 27 May 2015


I am now two races onto the European season and I have mixed emotions.

When I started training for the new season we put new processes into my technique which I am absolutely loving, the only problem is, is that its new and when you start something new you have to go through a learning curve before it becomes natural and easy and can do it without thinking. I have been working on these processes now for about 7 weeks and I think its safe to say I am doing well but its definitely difficult but I can see the benefits of continuing and fighting through.


The review for my first two races is the same, mixed emotions. I started off in Japan and raced really well, I came out the winner with a time of 12.66, the time I thought was a bit slower than what I expected I run but what I was really excited about was that I followed the process. My second race was not quite the same. Doha was Hot and in my opinion the best conditions you could possibly get. My race was not so good, I came 4th with a time of 12.69. I believe that I did not at all follow the process. People have said to me that I started well and got out in front, which to me was not the case, yes my start looked good but because I have a good start, my not so great starts don’t always look that bad to the untrained eye. From then on the race just got more messy and struggled to keep up towards the end.


I have another 3 races in the next 3 weeks which begins in Rome then onto Birmingham and finishes in New York before I head home for two weeks.



Well that’s it for now,

Keep smiling.


Sally Pearson XX