Saturday 18 June 2016

Rio Update

This has been a big year, Broken Bones, torn Calf, degenerative Achilles and hammy problems and that’s just with me. Sometimes I wonder why I still continue to do this sport. What brings athletes back even after we get pushed down time and time again from disappointment? For me, it’s the excitement, the fun and the pure determination that I can overcome the setbacks and still deliver my best. It amazes me on so many levels that with all the different personalities there are in sport, and yet at no matter what level you compete on we are all so similar at the same time.  There is never a reason to feel alone because there is always someone who is feeling or has been through what you are feeling or have done.


I have just recently arrived back home from Europe after 3 races. To be honest I was a little disappointed with my results and also disappointed that my body was letting me down a little. I turned up to Birmingham full of hope and excitement. It had been a year and a day since my fall and it was my first official race. Unfortunately my hammy had been quite tight for a week and I couldn’t reach 100% speed, which resulted in a slow time and a disappointing placing. I then headed over to France for a small race two days later. I was feeling a little bit better body wise and I was starting to push off the track a little stronger. I felt this race was quite strong especially at the start where I was leading for a while until my lack of fitness kicked in and the girls stormed over the top of me. The wind was definitely in my favour and my time was a lot better for it but unfortunately it was an illegal tail wind. My last race was in Oslo. I was definitely very upset with this result. I warmed up so well and was feeling stronger than ever, I thought that I was going to see a very promising result. As we walked out into the stadium I remember seeing the temperature gauge, it said 14 degrees, which for someone coming from an almost tropical climate even in the winter, this was freezing. We were out on the track for about another 10 minutes and I think the temperature dropped to 11 degrees as we ere racing, which isn’t ideal sprinting weather. I didn’t start that well out of the blocks and then I just went backwards from there. I crossed the finish line in a disappointing 7th with a time of 13.14, which is well behind where I want to be. That night I decided to come home rather than continuing on to my last to comps as I didn’t think I was going to get anything out of it and that if I come home I can get another few weeks of training under my belt. I’m so glad that I did, the weather looked even worse for the last two meets and I don’t think my time would’ve improved.


I have now been home for 6 days. I have left nothing in the tank on my return. Training has been intensely hard and I am exhausted from it but at this stage I have absolutely no other choice if I am going to be competitive in Rio. I have just less than 9 weeks until I compete and I am going to do everything in my power to be the best athlete I can be while representing my country in the biggest sporting event in the world.


On a positive note, I would like to take this moment to recognize Jarred Talent on his Gold medal presentation. I so wish that I could’ve been there to celebrate a remarkable athlete. I think its safe to say that the rest of your athletics family from Australia are so very proud of you and can’t wait to cheer you on in Rio.


Love Sally Pearson